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Are you planning on NOT dieting next year?

January 09, 2016

Are you planning on NOT dieting next year?

It’s the time of the year where women (and men) resolve to “be better” next year.

They promise themselves that starting on January 1st, they’ll stop eating sugar, join Weight Watchers, go to the gym at least 5 times a week, eat only 1500 calories, lose those 25 pounds and finally fit into the skinny jeans from the 80s again.

By the end of January, 99% of these women feel defeated, disgusted, disappointed with themselves. They believe they’ve failed yet again, they don’t have the willpower they need and they hate their body more than 31 days before. Becasue they obviously didn’t do what they’ve resolved to do and who do they blame? Themselves.

Today, I want to share 5 stories of women who are ready to claim their body and instead of going down the same old road of resolving to go on yet another diet to feel better, be better, be sexier and more themselves, they own all of these feeling states right here and now.

These 5 women have resolved to NOT go on a diet next year and they’re proud of it.

I hope that these stories will inspire you to work on your body image and on your inner well-being instead of your outside look. - Anne-Sophie

Rosie Banyan Writes -

"I am at a pivotal cross roads with my body.

A couple of years ago I shed 35 kilos in 6 months. It was by weighing all my food and simply sticking to it. It worked and I know I could do it again, yet it is not sustainable. 2 years later I am back to where I started from. I do not weigh myself on scales as I see these as my enemy. They really do kill your mood for the day – based on the numbers.

I know that my weight is not all about what I eat and how much I eat. It stems to the feelings that I have while I eat. What emotion am I struggling with? How do I feel about myself?

There are some interesting triggers that I have regarding my body that I want to explore next year. You see, I shut down emotionally years ago due to sexual abuse in my childhood. This I managed to reset. I discovered my own method of meeting with the aspect that I used to shut down my emotions. I would like to explore this same method with regards to my body. I believe that I have lost touch and disconnected with my body.

So ‘NO’ I am not going to go on a diet. I am going to start a fresh new relationship with my body to really discover what it needs to teach me."

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