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'Tree Voice' whispers......

August 30, 2018

'Tree Voice' whispers......

Hello friend 

I’m addressing you as ‘friend’ because I feel immense gratitude for the connection we have here. I apologise for not writing more often. I know though that friends can spend time apart and when they meet up again, things kick off right where they left off....

This year has certainly been a whirlwind adventure for me. Turning 50 gifted me with not only a few more wrinkles, but also some new adventures and travel. Exploring new places, countries and destinations is my absolute passion.

Interestingly I have made some 'new friends' this year. Some ‘tree folk’ planted across the globe and they have shifted my awareness....

Remember back to 2013, when I packed my bag and ran to Mauritius in an attempt to unlearn my broken childhood, forgive and learn for the first time how to live with an open heart. I eventually succeeded – discovering my ‘nothing’ space and getting back a large portion of myself that had been forever shut down. In a time of great upheaval in my life I found safety and protection in the loving embrace of a thousand-year-old banyan tree.

It surprised me when she began to speak and as the wisdom poured from her and through me; it landed onto the many pages I wrote.

I began to write firstly for myself, to try to make sense of my own journey. Then as the books went to print my story was no longer just for me. It was for you!!!

Being fully immersed with all things Banyan I even wrote under my chosen pen name of ‘Rosie Banyan’. Back then I feared the details of my broken past and was not ready to fully step into being ‘me’.

I now write as Rochelle Heveren under the umbrella of Tree Voice

When I first sat at Baobab in Senegal, Africa

Toward the end of last year I made a connection with the hundred-year-old Oak that stands beside my farmhouse. Instantly she had me sitting upright and listening carefully. Her messages were direct, yet caring. Like a stern grandmother she shifted something new within me. I call her my tree friend of ‘Truth’.

I was fortunate to travel earlier in the year with The Hunger Project to Senegal, Africa. Participation included raising funds to ensure The Hunger Projects’ valuable work can continue. I raised money by channelling all the proceeds from my books and alchemy oils to The Hunger Project as well as hosting a few fundraisers. My passion for ‘giving’ was ignited. My trip to Senegal was incredible, travelling from one village to another. It was in a remote village that I met my next friend, a thousand-year-old Baobab tree. Like a magnet it drew me in. I broke away from the group and sat on one of her large leg roots. Her insights and wisdom were different to the trees before. This tree was the tree of ‘Connection’. After sitting with her I felt a shift, this tree bought to the surface an old way I had once felt. My own experience became the catalyst for change once more.

While travelling to Africa I stopped by to visit the Banyan in Mauritius. It was good to see the changes from when I last sat in her heart centre.

Later this year my husband, Michael and I met friends in Maui, Hawaii for a birthday celebration. The trip became extra special when Michael and I discovered a magnificent grove of Rainbow gums. It looked like fluorescent paint had been thrown up their trunks. At the back of the grove I met my next new friend, Rainbow Gum. Through her I learned the value of living life fully and through my heart, allowing all past pains and hurt to disappear. I was rewarded with ‘Joy’.


"I know with my whole being that when I sit and a tree connects 
that it is never just for me. 
​​​​My commitment to share this with you my friend is promised."

'Earth Giant Tree Gift Series'


A collection of trees, each with a completely different and unique gift to share.

Truth, Connection, Balance & Joy.


The first four books are now available in paperback, ebook, 
audio CD and a unique alchemy oil.


I’m told these are little books with BIG heart and soul.


I have also met an Olive tree in Olympia, Greece, a Mortin Bay Fig in Perth, Western Australia. These new layers of learning, adventure and gifts are promised to be 
​​​​​​​available soon......



I will be exhibiting and speaking at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney (Thursday 4th– Sunday 7th October). Join me in the Speakers Lounge at 3pm on Thursday 4th when I talk about the ‘Channelled teachings of Earth’s Giant Trees’.
Throughout the Festival I will be on Stand C77 with all my old and new products.

I will also be at Melbourne’s Mind Body Spirit Festival in November on Stand F21.

I would love to meet as many of you in person, so please drop by and say hello. ​​​​​​​


Love Rochelle xx

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