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Introducing Florida Water, a cherished staple in spiritual practices, now available on our website. Crafted with a sweet floral scent and citrusy overtones, this sacred cologne holds numerous spiritual benefits and has become essential in rituals.

Our Florida Water remains true to its original recipe since its introduction in 1808. Used by enslaved African-Americans to infuse magic into daily tasks, its rich history speaks volumes. From scenting bed linens to mopping floors, its versatility in spiritual practices has endured through generations.

As someone who has personally travelled with Florida Water and experienced its full benefits of protection, I can attest to its transformative power. It's not just a cologne; it's an amazing space clearer.

I decided to import Florida Water so that others could experience its special qualities. For those seeking spiritual connection, Florida Water offers a myriad of uses. From room cleansing to ancestral offerings, its purifying properties create a sacred atmosphere. Sprinkle it to clear heavy vibrations, anoint yourself for protection from negative energies, or cleanse crystals under the Full or New Moon.

Discover the transformative power of Florida Water today. Whether you're seeking purification, protection, or spiritual connection, our authentic Florida Water is your gateway to a realm of possibilities. Experience its magic and elevate your spiritual journey.

Some uses of Florida Water:

Room Cleansing: Spray to remove heavy vibrations and encourage healthy emotions.

Floor Wash: Mix into cleaning solutions for purification and blessing.

Crystal Cleansing: Make a solution to cleanse stones.

Body Spray: Fight anxiety and sadness, protect from absorbing negative energies.

Ancestral Offerings: Set on the ancestral altar for clear messages.

Aching Muscles: Rub on problem areas for relief.

Altar Cleansing: Cleanse sacred items and the altar itself.

Protection Spray: Bless for spiritual defense.

Wealth Blessing: Spray on money and carry soaked cowrie shells.

Hand and Feet Washing: Cleanse after coming into contact with people.

Workspace Protection: Keep near desk to transmute negative energies.

Love Attraction: Add to a bowl near your bed.

New Space Blessing: Anoint floors, windows, and doorways.

Throat Chakra: Spray for calming effects.

Pendulum Cleanse: Rinse pendulums after use.

Ink Mixing: Increase power of intentions.

Personal Shield: Wear as a cologne for protection.

Nightmare Prevention: Add to bedding for protection.

Laundry Blessing: Add to laundry for cleansing and blessing.

Scrying: Use for divination.

Pet Blessing: Anoint your pet's forehead.

Facial Cleanse: Keep in the refrigerator for hot days.

Rubdown: Apply for therapeutic effects.

Mind Clearing: Add to rinse water after shampooing.