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Snow Gum's Gift - Paperback

Snow Gum’s Gift is the channelled teachings of one of Earth’s great Masters. This wise being, over thousands of years, will bring you calm, strength, motivation and peace and a unique way of guiding life’s journey, reminding you of the importance of your own inner calm in all areas of your life. You will discover that the way you perceive your life determines your journey. Snow Gum will remind you of the importance of observing the details of life around you, as a way of being present. You will learn that the cocoon of life’s restrictions can be broken to allow freedom to really live if you send your own self-love to any part of you needing nurture.

Experience deep calm, stillness and love while connecting into Snow Gum. Being supported with the magic of Snow Gum’s Gift is like climbing up into the centre of his massive trunk. It is like resting your body on one of his many branches and listening to his whispers of great wisdom. Allow his words to encourage you with love.

This inspiring gift book is designed to unlock your own heart’s wisdom. Rochelle invites you to discover the magic, stillness and newfound freedom that she experienced, sitting and resting her back against the Snow Gum up in the high country in Mansfield, Australia..

(Paperback Copy)


Praise for Snow Gum’s Gift

“This was a beautiful very well-written story that held my attention from the first to the last page. Throughout this book I found so many techniques that I could use daily; these skills will help me to deal with the anxiety that I sometimes suffer when there are stressful moments in my life.

My favourite chapters were ‘Being Present’, ‘Choice’ and ‘Perception’. I felt an inner peace whilst reading this book and know that I will take on the lessons held within these pages.”

Donna Lucarelli - Shepparton East, Victoria


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