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About Rochelle


Inspired by her own personal healing journey, founder and creator Rochelle created The Nature Alchemist to share nature’s energy, lessons and gifts.

 A busy wife, mother and business owner, Rochelle thrived in her early adult years in the corporate and finance world. Then, following a wave of post-natal depression after the birth of her fourth son, she was forced to re-visit the darkness of her sexually abusive childhood. With grit and determination for a happier, healthier and stronger existence she undertook her own healing journey and breathed life back into her shutdown heart. Rochelle began to share her learnings and help others, initially through various studied modalities such as Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Bowen Therapy and Intuitive Healing and then through her Writing.

 Believing strongly in the healing properties of nature, Rochelle more recently expanded The Nature Alchemist to include essential oil ‘potions’ and alchemy oils, capturing (and bottling) those unique and powerful properties in an easy to use form.

A wholly Australian owned business, each product is crafted with love and purpose in Melbourne Victoria.



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