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Tree Gift Range

Tree Gift 'Olive' - Paperback

Olive Tree’s Gift is the channelled teachings of one of Earth’s great Masters. This wise being, over two thousand year old, will bring you strength, determination, perseverance and confidence – a unique way of guiding life’s journey. He’ll remind you of the importance of facing what stands in your way, waking an inner strength and determination to regain who you really want to be. Through perseverance, a new confidence will strip away self-doubt and worry. Olive will ignite your passion, purpose and true inner knowing.

Being supported with the magic of Olive Tree’s Gift is like resting your back against his trunk and listening to his whispers of great wisdom. Allow his words to encourage you with love.

This inspiring gift book is designed to unlock your own heart’s wisdom. Rochelle invites you to discover the magic, strength and newfound confidence that she experienced, sitting and resting her back against the Olive tree in Olympus, Greece.

Praise for ‘Olive Tree’s Gift’

“Wow, wow, wow was all I could put into words after I finished reading ‘Olive Tree’s Gift’ by Rochelle. I loved the healing journey I was taken on and the relationship formed between this ancient Olive tree and the courageous divine woman, whose authenticity and inner beauty show’s up in every word penned. Trees are our Earth wisdom teachers and in this series of books, Rochelle has captured that essence perfectly. A powerful, inspirational and empowering read.”

Mari Romero - Soul Tree Evolution

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