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Alchemy Oils and Potions

The Nature Alchemist Tree Potions have captured and bottled energy from trees located all around the world. The Oak, Moreton Bay Fig and Snow Gum in Australia, Baobab in Africa, Banyan in Mauritius, Rainbow Gum in Hawaii, Pagoda in China and Olive in Greece. Each potion holds the essence, energy and gifts of a respective tree.

The Banyan Tree Wisdom Alchemy Oils was born from a desire to share the Mother Banyan with others. This lead to infusing her aerial roots in alchemy style, to create her own essence. Whatever you dream, wish to release or simply bring into balance - allow these magical alchemy oils to take you....

The Nature Alchemist Steampunk Potions are a distinctive, steampunk styled range of natural oils formulated to help the user feel more Balanced, Confident, Connected, Focused, Joyful, Motivated, Relaxed and Strong. Formulated for personal use on body, in diffuser or during bath.