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Tree Gift 'Moreton Bay Fig' - Paperback

Moreton Bay Fig’s Gift is the channelled teachings of one of Earth’s great Masters. This ancient tree, over thousands of years old, will bring you calm, love and a chance to witness the ‘moment’ between all things. Moreton Bay Fig holds the magic to plant seeds full of your dreams and wishes. These can then grow into your reality. You will be gifted a with unique sense of guidance on your own life’s journey, reminding you of the importance of your own essence in all areas
of your life. You will discover that when your own essence is washed through the hurt and pain of your life, your heart can hold completeness and be freed
to love and be loved. Experience stillness, calm and be taken inward towards your own uniqueness while connecting into Moreton Bay Fig.

Being supported with the magic of Moreton Bay Fig’s Gift is like resting your back against her trunk and listening to her whispers of great wisdom. Allow her
words to encourage you with love. This inspiring gift book is designed to unlock your own heart’s wisdom. Rochelle invites you to discover the magic, stillness, newfound love and freedom that she experienced, sitting and resting her back against the Moreton Bay Fig in the Hinterland of Queensland, Australia.

(Paperback Copy)


Praise for Moreton Bay Fig’s Gift

Like a treasure-seeker embarking on an archaeological expedition, Rochelle led me on a mystical adventure with her friend, an ancient and wise Moreton Bay Fig tree. With an open heart connection, Rochelle receives gifts of wisdom and shares with the reader her journey of personal healing and discovery. I felt captivated and inspired as I read the unfolding of events. Her gifts of extra-sensory perception offer the reader an opportunity, a glimpse into the realms of tree magic.
Moreton Bay Fig is a Grande teacher, with much to share about helping us to become our true essence and reminds us all of the importance of nurturing our imagination, for that is where the magic dwells: The Dreaming, where all things are possible.
I am so glad Rochelle is sharing this wisdom she received, for I believe it
has come at a time on this planet, when it is most needed.”

 - Amanda Pippos, Clinical Hypnotherapist

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