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Tree Gift 'Rainbow Gum' - Audi CD

Rainbow Gum’s Gift is the channelled teachings of one of Earth’s great Sisters. The wise Eighty-year-old Rainbow Gum brings you freedom from all past pains and hurts, self-love and a unique way of guiding life’s journey. She’ll remind you of the importance of living through your heart, your connection of love to others, gifts and the importance of being present. She’ll guide you through the challenges of feeling stuck in the past, frustrated by habit, lonely and full of sadness. She will help open your heart and mind to untold possibilities and assist you to live your highest truth with compassion, stillness and joy beyond anything you ever dreamed.

Being supported with the magic of Rainbow Gum’s Gift is like resting your back on the vibrant trunk and listening to her whispers of great wisdom. Allow her words to caress you and fill you with love.

This inspiring gift book is designed to unlock your own hearts wisdom. Rochelle invites you to discover the magic, love, feeling free of all past hurt and pain and joy that she experienced, sitting and resting her back against the Rainbow Gum. 

(Audio CD)


Praise for Rainbow Gum’s Gift

"I was so blown away reading how Rochelle was able to free herself from her painful past by connecting with the beautiful rainbow gum tree. The lessons she gleaned from this spiritual connection are applicable for anyone seeking joy - a beautiful story." 

Megan Castran - Jewelchic

“Rainbow Gum’s Gift is a beautiful simple enjoyable read and yet so profound for all who are searching for answers to their life journey questions. As you quickly emerge into the story you find hidden wisdom and treasures that can help you find inner awareness to improve your life journey.Rochelle has brought awareness and understanding back to the centre point of what life is about, the ability to find heart centred love. She has captured the value of what nature can teach in the responses given by the Rainbow Gum to her probing questions. Thank you for an enjoyable experience.” 

Karl Camden-Burch – Intuitive Life Coach

“Reading about Rochelle’s experience meeting Rainbow Gum was uplifting. I had tears whilst also feeling great joy. I felt I could reach out and hug Rainbow Gum. I had an experience of great joy and deep emotion when I hand delivered something for Rochelle, having lost my own mother one year ago.This book reminds every kind heart be open and full to all the love and joy that life has to offer. Thank you Rochelle for sharing with everyone the joy of the Rainbow Gum.”  

Una Grimes, Eltham Victoria

“I felt extremely honoured to read the beautiful Rainbow Gum’s Gift. I instantly connected to the joy that I also felt at her base when I was in Maui Hawaii. This book is full of love and wisdom which I am grateful to be uplifted by. Thank you Rochelle for sharing.”

Tracey Hudson, Neerim South Victoria

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