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Congratulation to our WINNER for Bali

April 18, 2016

Congratulation to our WINNER for Bali

The WINNER for Bali Retreat has been Drawn

Over the weekend at one of my Live Workshops - 'the Banyan Method' I drew out the winner.

It is with Great Excitement I announce that our winner is Rhea Salathiel from Swan Hill.

Rhea will join the group of women heading to Bali from October 30th till November 5th this year.

Staying in a small antique wooden villa that has been re-located to create a village, surrounded in gardens boosting with goodies we will eat, we will explore, relax, revive and gain a new understanding of Self.

I met a Lady on the weekend that had just come back from Desa Seni. She had read a recent article I wrote that was published in Desa Seni's  Kula Magazine and was intrigued to attend my workshop. It was exciting to talk with someone who had also been touched by this magical place. We both commented that it is difficult to compare Desa Seni to any other place on earth.

Rhea will travel the same journey that I took when I stepped out of my life back in 2013 that ended up cracking my heart open to write my first book 'My Nothing' - stepping out to discover me.

As I say - Nothing happens by accident - looking forward to having YOU with us Rhea x


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