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The Obstacle of Distraction

June 06, 2016

The Obstacle of Distraction

Where does your mind go?

From a newly open heart I realise just how far I've come.  

The language of my soul now pours from my pen…. 

 Distraction was my biggest obstacle. When I stepped out of my life back in 2013 I had no idea that I was being shown the power of distraction. I flew away from everything physical yet remained distracted in my mind. I was obsessive with everything - my every thought was about all I left behind. It was preventing me from going deeper into my own core.

Like a barrier - it acted like a safe guard against me going deep within. I would have to say that the first half of my trip was a complete battle between my heart and mind.

I still remember the day I woke knowing that to get my own answers I had to first disconnect from everything, everyone external to me. Knowing that love never severs. I did this two different ways and immediately felt all my emotions flood through my being. Alone - just me. My day passed slowly. It was not easy, yet ended up gifting me the miracle of my 'nothing space'.

A couple of weekends ago I facilitated a group into that same space. What I found interesting was that the participants that had already attended my workshop were not distracted as they had been before (everyone is given an opportunity to re-sit my trainings). They were focused and without much effort they experienced the calm, peaceful space of renewal once more.

On the other hand I was witness to the struggle of distraction in the other new participants. Distraction counts for so much of why we don't care, love and honour self. By making our lives about everything external we avoid who we really are. It is impossible to stand in our own authentic space, to be still and present in our lives with distraction.

I encourage every one of you to take note today where you give your energy. A clue is whether it is external or internal to you.

There are 3 rooms left for my Bali Step Out of Your Life .... Discover Self Retreat in October. These can be Twin Share or Single Occupancy. So far we have guests coming from Australia, South Africa and as far as Bermuda...<<To Learn More>>

At any of my live events I personally guide participants with the 'Banyan Method' to a space before and after - the space of 'Nothing'. Such a powerful re-awakening. Be given life tools to reverse (Imagine reversing an anxiety attack - this happened in my last training and the results were incredible), exchange (you decide what stays and what goes), complete unlearning of all you were told and taught during your life that prevents happiness as well as learning how to really manifest a desired self. <<To Learn More>>

This is why I am here. I know personally the struggle of identity. I had created a false-self  to try and fit in. I had no clue who I was any more and lived more through my external distractions in life than to be truly present. My own break through has been 'life giving'. I really don't think I knew what living was before this.

To watch a person's face and their eyes engage and brighten is a gift. It really was incredible to be witness to someone else becoming present in their life. To no longer need medication to just survive or to be excited and not exhausted or over run with anxiety.

Every single person deserves a life free from distraction. Every single person can experience the peace and calming space before and after - the space of 'Nothing'.

Love Rosie x


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