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Be Inspired back to a Space of GRATITUDE

July 31, 2015

As I wondered through a large outside shopping mall recently on a trip that I had taken with my husband -- an exquisite elderly lady caught my eye. 

She was wearing old fashioned clothing all topped off with a large brimmed hat to shade her from the hot sun. In the crown of her hat sat a large soft ostrich feather.

How delightful. I noticed that in front of her on a table covered in a table cloth sat a large bowl that she swished around with a whisk ready to poured into a delicate china tea cup.

“She is giving tea leave readings, I must have one done!” I said with excitement to my husband.

He went for a wonder and I sat in anticipation. I had never had the opportunity of this type of reading before. When I queried how much her readings were she smiled and said “It is by donation, you give what ever you like.”

I liked this. She said some great things that filled me with excitement for the following year -- - including her saying some really lovely things about my relationship with my husband and upcoming venture in Public Speaking and Workshops.

At the end of her reading she lifted her glasses and looked me in the eye. I could feel our soul connection. “You are going to be gifted daily by the universe. When you receive something that you would not usually expect – these are the gifts. You will receive this daily on one condition---- you must say ‘thank you, thank you, thank you – three times’”

I gave my donation and leave her table with a renewed warmness in my heart. I also felt a rekindled space of gratitude within.

From this day forward I have been gifted with a reason to say ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’. For upgrades in accommodation. An extra gift received in a shop or for a simple walk over the hills at our farm in the middle of winter as the sun shone through the trees - beautiful.

I believe that everyone can take part in this practice of being grateful. It will grow not only your awareness of the gifts that often pass you by, it will also have you begin to look for the great things that happen in your day.

Since then my issue each day can be what I give my special thank you to.

Gratitude is your gift to self – take note and begin to embrace your beautiful life – Rosie x  

If you would like to hear Rosie Speak click here to find out when she is next near you.

Rosie went on a Journey back in September 2013 that significantly changed her life. Once her heart cracked open she discovered a language of her SOUL. Through her pen she documented this journey. Click here for your own copy. 


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