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December 09, 2015


‘There is listening and then there is true listening. This is an invitation to listen to life to watch its signs, to drink in what it is offering.  This is a calling to listen more deeply to your loved ones – listen deeper than the words, beyond the pain, longing and fear that are behind the surface explanation, then beyond even the feelings to the beauty, the Truth that remains untouched by any of life’s dramas. Connect with this that is already whole and complete in your loved ones, and in your willingness to be wholly and completely present, their story will drop away and love will be revealed. Be willing to listen deeply’- Brandon Bays

As I contemplate the time of year being surrounded by those I love I find that this verse on Listening useful and timely.

Life in 2015 has been SUPER busy, finding that I mark off my to do lists daily – often still not completing what I set out to.

Of late I have become distant to the very people that I do all for. My LOVED people in my life. My husband, my children, extended family and dear friends.

Have I REALLY LISTENED lately to them? I have to be honest and say ‘NO I have not.’ I have been so wrapped up in all the tasks and goals I have set placing my dreams as my priority. I now realise that I have closed my mind, sight, hearing and energy from everything else.

TIME to give focus back to those I love deeply. I MUST remember to LISTEN – really listen with all parts of myself.

The most amazing gift I can give this Christmas is my own presence…

Rosie x

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